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Wendy Lategan

Photographer & Team Leader

Wendy founded Art Photo in 2011 after spending 10 years in the advertising industry and is the creative driving force behind the brand. Her love for wedding photography, her energetic nature and artistic flare is key to her unique style which has a distinct focus on capturing moments. With over 200 weddings under her belt, she has become an accomplished and sought after wedding photographer. In her spare time Wendy enjoys spending time outdoors, catching up on her favourite super hero movies or planning the next big project with Ruan.

Ruan Lategan

Photographer & Creative Genius

Ruan joined the Art Photo team full time in 2016 and subsequently married his partner in crime earlier this year. He comes with more than 6 years of design and photography experience making him a valuable member of the team. He has spent time overseas and comes with a wealth of creativity and knowledge and has a keen eye for details. He is also an avid Star Wars fan, has climbed Kilimanjaro, and has a huge love for diving and Converse sneakers.

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